Shaun Au:

Jesse was a invaluable part of our short film project. As an editor, Jesse was knowledgeable, skillful and talented. Our short film had a very short turn around time (it was for a non-profit org). Jesse was able to work under a tight deadline and delivered a great cut of our short film. Jesse was also a great addition on the set. He's kind, courteous and helpful. It's such a pleasure to work with him!

Maria Breaux:

Jesse Kerman is a rare find in the world of independent, DIY film—someone who’s not only extraordinarily talented, but timely, responsive, thorough, kind, a great communicator, and extremely professional.

What a treat to work with someone who clearly and succinctly answers all emails, texts, and phone calls, and without belabored clarification or discussion!

I relied on Jesse to sift through all of the takes for my feature film Mother Country, which he molded into a rough cut using only camera log notes and an outdated version of the screenplay. I very quickly came to trust Jesse’s judgment, eye, and expertise, and for the first time delivered notes to an editor without sitting together over laboriously long hours of fine cutting and footage capture.


Always deferring to the director’s final call while also offering many insightful and important suggestions, Jesse is someone I’d like to bring with me on all editing projects, small or large, and I’m proud and delighted to have worked with him on Mother Country. Jesse is a highly recommended addition to any film crew.

Stephanie at Doorstop Productions: 

This process has been such a pleasure.

Thank you so much for working on the logo!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.  It's such a joy to work with such a talented artist that understands our mission statement and can convey this easily.

About Genentech animation project:

FANTASTIC! this sequence of animation is the most effective and entertaining yet!!! BRAVO! Jesse is very talented! we love the attention to detail in this one specifically -- the question marks being hit and dragged onto the target, the wiggle of the darts when they hit, and the timing of everything, the motions and transition's...and more etc.

Kevin of Green Photography:

It was fantastic to meet you and really good to work with you. It was refreshing to work with someone like you and hopefully we will get to do so in the future. 

About Teach Teachers Tech:

Wow!!!!  Seriously!  This is INCREDIBLE... and I'm not easily impressed.   So far the site looks like a class act and the videos are crisp, accessible and right on target.

I love what you are doing